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Choosing a White Kitchen: Ideas and Tips

If you are looking for a kitchen that will not go out of style, white is the best color you can choose. Plus, it is one of the trendiest colors of 2020. White brings elegance, luminosity and, always, the feeling of cleanliness.

At Dommo, we help you choosing the best design for a kitchen in white tones and combine them with other colors if you do not want it to be “total white”. We will give you various ideas and tips for the design of your kitchen.

Perfect for Small Kitchens

White is the best option for small kitchens that could use a feeling of greater spaciousness. Minimalist kitchens with simple lines, in which this color increases the space and brings luminosity.

Perfect for All Styles

This color can always be combined with other colors and materials in kitchens of every style. White is perfect for classic, minimalist, contemporary or rustic kitchens, among others.

Choose the Finish

If you have already selected the white color for your kitchen cabinets, you can select the finish of the furniture between matte or glossy. The glossy white is the perfect color for narrow spaces to give an impression of depth. However, they are complicated to keep clean. There are also intermediate options such as satin that could be more discrete.

Contrast With the Countertop

If you do not want your kitchen to be totally white, select a countertop that contrasts with the furniture.  For example, a laminated, granite, quartz or porcelain countertop of a darker color. You can also create contrasts with the finishes and the tiles, even with the curtains, the blinds, the household appliances, the tables and the chairs.

In summary, a white kitchen is always a good option for any house. At Dommo, we will help you to research options and to design your white kitchen and give it a different look. What do you love in white kitchens?