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How To Decorate a Kitchen Without Tall Cabinets

You do not have tall cabinets? Your kitchen is probably more luminous then and you have a greater feeling of space than in others, but you might need more storage where to store your utensils and food, or you want to get bring more aesthetics to some walls. In such a case, pay attention to our suggestions.

5 Tips to Decorate a Kitchen Without Tall Kitchen Cabinets

At Dommo, we show you how to make the most of your space without using tall kitchen cabinets.

Put Wooden Shelves

If you want to continue enjoying the luminosity, choose for a light-colored wood. It is also very practical, since you will have everything at hand.

Use Auxiliary Kitchen Furniture

You can install drawers(high drawers) with compartments to place the crockery, and thus prevent any movement. Glass cabinets on the wallis also a practical solution, and it is very attractive. To make the most of the space, we recommend modules for kitchen furniture in the form of columns.

Clear Windows

If the reason why you do not have tall cabinets is because of a window, try to keep it clear to make the most of the aesthetic qualities of your kitchen. Imagine that the window is a painting and that everything revolves around its composition.

Make Good Use of the Walls

It is about not overloading them. For example, you can put compartments in the kitchen hood, hook bars for kitchen utensils, continuous shelves on the wall, etc. If you do not like having so many open shelves, consider putting some doors for kitchen cabinets to get the most similar to a closet.

Kitchen Back-Ends Without Tall Cabinets

Ideally, the shelves for glassware and bottlesshould be, at most, 20 cm (8 inches). If you also place dishes and plates, it can be 30 cm (12 inches).

From Dommo, we have given you a few general ideas to decorate kitchens without high cabinets. Keep reading our tips to design your kitchen!

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