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The Best Furniture for Modern Kitchens

The Modern kitchens  can be incredibly beautiful if we know how to plan them, both for the kitchen itself and the rest of the house. For this, furniture is an essential part. In this article, we will help you decide between matt and glossy for the finishes of your kitchen.

Matte or Glossy? The Eternal Debate

There are two elements that play important roles in this type of room: the kitchen  furniture and the walls. Both need to be in tune so that they do not produce shrillness that is unsightly (in tune does not mean in the same color, but in a different style and tonalities that combine adequately).

On the one side, glossy furniture (countertop, table, chairs and cabinets, mostly) it is recommended, especially for small modern kitchens,  to include silver metal household appliances. In turn, we suggest you paint in brighter tones, but always in line with the decoration.

On the contrary, matte furniture is ideal for rustic kitchens  with a more welcoming ambiance. There are many options at your disposal, like including wood elements and warm lighting that enhances natural aspects. In contrast to the above, colors can be in pastel shades, like turquoise, pink and white.

Finally, do not forget the feeling offered by each style. Shiny furniture enhance the luxury of a home and they are more recommended for open spaces or white modern kitchens. For their part, the matte finishes yield a simpler and more pleasant room.

As you can see, modern kitchens  can be a world of options that puts your interior designer skills to a test. Remember the importance of deciding the style of the room before buying furniture and begin decorating. Now that everything is clear, let’s get to work!