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White Kitchen With Wood: Elegance and Warmth In the Same Room

The white and wood kitchen has become a standard of luminosity and elegance. This combination offers the best of the modern kitchens and of the white kitchens to deliver a clean and enjoyable environment to the room. Keep reading!

American Kitchen Trends

The American kitchen is more and more common in Spanish homes. The idea is to have an open space what gives the impressionthe living room is bigger and that connects directly both room. In this article, we will talk about the combination of white and wood., and which sensations do they transmit.

Rustic Kitchen Tradition

Wood was used by many of our ancestors to build their kitchens, because at that time it was a material much cheaper and accessible. However, today, this material is pretty exclusive, although it manages to reproduce the familiar feelingof yesteryear. Don’t you think?

Luminosity and Hygiene

To cook comfortably, you need to have a lot of light; so white color is the best for “kitchenettes”. This way, you will clearly see the recipes and the ingredients you will use. Also, it will help you to do a good cleaning afterwards, which will also please your guests.


The coldness of the white color contrasts with the warmth of the wood and both allow a great number of combinations. You could have white furniture with a wood countertop, although it is best to do the opposite. Wood is a porous material and hard to clean, in most cases.

In summary, the white kitchen with wood is now a safe betto create a warm and bright environment in your house. If, on top of that, you choose the American model, you will be able to merge two rooms and create a space that will be more functional.