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White Kitchens: All the Trends Of 2021

Trends change every year, especially for kitchens. In 2021, you will see there are two major trends for this zone of the house: the white American kitchen and the rustic kitchens. Both are in strong demand at the beginning of this year, despite to the great boom that they already had since the middle of last year.

The kitchens what will be trendy this year: discover all the details.

This room of the home has converted into a key space for the decoration; a room that must be in harmony with the rest of the house. Kitchens are no longer only the place where we eat, how they naturally open to the living room, for example. Because of those new uses and needs, the trends of this year are those we present you below.

1. Small Kitchens With High Functionality

A space just for cooking, having food in good condition and a zone to eat. Nothing else. Many people want small kitchens, something that is not at odds with the design and personality you can give to this room. In those kitchens, you have to pay great attention to the layout, to make the most of the space.

2. White American Kitchen

It is usually brighter and the perfect spot to have reunions (while cooking or eating). The space is used to the maximum. Among many questions, we must mention that white is the best color to combine with the rest of the house. Therefore, this part of the home must be equipped with a silent hood and appliances. 3. 3. Kitchens With an Island

American kitchens with islands are among the most requested. They differ from the previous ones because of their central zone that favors all movements taking place in a kitchen. In general, those having this layout are preferred, especially among young customers. They fulfill various functions at the same time: meeting point, kitchen and dining room.

4. White and Modern Kitchens With Glass

Other kitchensthat are loved very much, especially for their luminosity and aesthetics, are the white kitchens with glass. Their sensation of amplitude is highly appreciated by many, but something really impresses in those kitchens is that the light and the views from the living room reach them with no problem.

5. Rustic Kitchens

Finally, a white rustic kitchen delivers an unparalleled beauty, while also being warm, welcoming and, above all, timeless. Without any doubt, a perfect style for you.

Choose White and Modern Kitchens.

The white American kitchen is causing a real furor in 2021; it has become a true trend for the rest of the year. However, there are other types of kitchens and, at Dommo, we have the perfect for you.

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