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Maximum Customization
With the Highest Quality

Technological progress has been key when it comes to modern commodity, innovation and design in the kitchen with durable and resistant materials.

To achieve this, Dommo has combined the latest technologies with a great care about the design. Simple and clean lines with open and light spaces, where you can enjoy both its functionality and its materials to create a kitchen space with great finishes. Finding the most important, welcoming and inspiring room in the house is ideal for any family, and the kitchen can be this room.

With the customization of the interior of the cabinets, reinforced drawers and fittings, opening and closing systems with a high quality standard, and technology to ensure a great durability, in addition to a certified quality.

Fittings that guarantee
the durability of the furniture

With reinforced shelves, supports and legs, cushioned hinges and soft close closing systems, extractable cupboards and unique storage solutions.

At Dommo, we have developed a kitchen furniture with exclusive techniques on the market, which ensures superior quality and durability.

Storage and organization solutions (drawers, columns, pantries, base units, cutlery trays and waste sorters) developed by Dommo are a way to show our capacity for innovation in the functionality of kitchens.

Legrabox drawer included
the most revolutionary drawer in the market

LEGRABOX and BLUM drawers, in two colors that can be combined with the hinges and kitchen interiors.

In white for the white finishes. In graphite
for the finishes in graphite, wood or textures.

Possibility to customize the sides of the drawer to match the interior.


After studying the trends and the request of our customers and the ones of the market, we have created a careful selection of interiors that can be combined with each other in plain tones, wood and concrete.

Opening systems

Full opening system (Aventos with Blum technology) with stabilizers and ease of access for all elevated cabinets.


LED lighting system with low consumption and great durability with generation of environments.


Reinforced countertops in 19 finishes available.

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