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How to get a rustic but current kitchen

The word “rustic” can evoke images of something very old or centered on the countryside, but nothing is further from reality. Not only because both concepts are trendy, but also because of the current materials and designs, you can get the best of both worlds without any compromise and get your perfect rustic kitchen.

At Dommo, we never stop drawing and devising new designs, innovating in our processes and applying new techniques to our daily life to always be up to date. Of course, quality always comes first, but design is also extremely important when choosing the kitchen of your dreams.

If you want a rustic-style kitchen, but without giving up the most innovative materials we, at Dommo, have what you are looking for. Our motto is “Living the kitchen”, because we firmly think that kitchens should be lived in. We offer you endless possibilities to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchens where we can create, eat, live, enjoy… With islands, with closed or open furniture, with a bar and stools… We have everything you are looking for to design and manufacture the kitchen that fully matches your preferences and needs.

Our materials are of the greatest quality, resistant to stains and humidity, easy to clean, eco-friendly and resistant. Pick the design you like most, configure the colors and shades you prefer for the furniture and the countertop, and quickly you will have the kitchen you always wanted.

If you want inspiration to decide which kitchen is best for your style and needs, visit our website. We have a large gallery presenting you images of some of our designs, of different styles, so you can get the ideas you need. You can always count on a personalized evaluation from our team, who will help you during the whole process.


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