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Tips For the Care and Maintenance of Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the soul of any self-respecting home, a place to enjoy in family and, also, a place of informal gathering. Hygiene is something basic that has to be extremely respected, as anywhere where food is manipulated. But what else can we do to take care and maintain our kitchen? Keep reading to discover our tips and tricks!

  • Use the appropriate cleaning products for each surface. Although this seems a bit obvious, it is more important than it seems. Using the appropriate product for each surface is a kind of investment for the future, which will help protect each zone and extend its useful life for many years in perfect condition. It can look tedious, and even annoying, to have to buy and store various products for a single room, but this is the way things are and, with time, you will be happy to have done it.
  • Use the vent. We know it is annoying and it makes a lot of noise. But its use will help prevent the formation of a greasy film on the furniture around the cooking zone. Of course, the hood gets dirty too, so clean it regularly to make sure it works well.
  • Avoid humidity. Maintaining the furniture dry, both on the inside and the outside, is essential to prevent the deterioration of wood, both internally and externally with the apparition of stains.
  • Treat the doors and drawers with care. Remember that although they are of a great quality and that they are designed to make many miles metaphorically, the closures and fittings can be damaged if they are handled roughly. It does not cost anything to do things softly, and it will please you on the long run.
  • Do not overload drawers, you will then prevent the boards from deforming and the fittings to be broken due to the overweight.

We hope we have helped you in this small selection of tips to maintain and care your kitchen. See you soon!