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Kitchen Countertops, Which One Is the Best?

The materials used in kitchen countertops are very diversified. On the market, you can find some of natural wood, rock, metal, laminated or porcelain. Which one is the best for your kitchen? At Dommo, we design our kitchens thinking about you, about your tastes, your preferences and your needs.

The selection of kitchen countertops is not limited to the materials, you should also consider their characteristics. For this, at the time of choosing one, it is very important to consider the guarantees and the technical data provided by the manufacturers.

Among the various materials you can choose from, we have the following ones:

Natural Wood

For a long time, natural wood was excluded from kitchen countertops. The fear of scratching it or for it to be damaged by humidity were among the fears that created the most rejections. However, thanks to the new designs and treatments, it is possible to enjoy the quality of natural wood in the kitchen, without fear of damaging it. Although it does require some basic cares and some maintenance.


Within this category, we include those made with granite, marble, quartz, slate, etc. The most elegant ones are those made from a single piece, although there are some that are created by crushed stone and pressed with resins, like the Silestone. They are resistant and durable.

White kitchensMetal

Stainless steel is the most used metal. Among its many advantages, it is easy to clean and very hygienic, since a grand variety of cleaning products can be used. However, it is easy to scratch.


They are the most used. Their lifespan is limited and they are the most fragile, but that does not mean they are bad. They can last many years in perfect condition. They can last many years in perfect condition. On top of that, they can be found in a multitude of textures and finishes.


They are the most modern ones. They are made of a mixture of natural minerals submitted to high pressure and temperature. The result is a material that is compact, with no porosity and almost indestructible. They can be found with finishes that imitate wood, rock, glass and in any solid color.

Now you know the materials used in the various kitchen countertops, we invite you to check out the ones we have for you on our website.