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Household Appliances Built in or Free Standing in The Kitchen?

Maybe you have heard about built-in appliances and the free-standing ones in the kitchen. But, do you know what they are? Which is the best option? Can they be combined? We will quickly answer those questions.

Differences between built-in and free-standing household appliances.

The built-in and free-standing household appliances differ by the aesthetics. Some are designed to be only functional, while others are created to be highly decorative, in addition to being functional. Generally, other things being equal, the first ones are more economical than the other ones.

Built-in household appliances fit in free holes within the kitchen furniture, merging into the design. Generally, the lateral and front sides are functional but not very decorative. This is because they will be barely visible or completely within the furniture, so it does not stand out from the rest.

Free-standing household appliances are designed to be placed in any location, always visible and independently. The design is more elaborate and the manufacturers try to make them more decorative.

Which ones are the best: the built-in or the free-standing ones?

They both offer the same services and features. However, the design can vary greatly depending on the choice. If you want a minimalistic kitchen, you will choose the built-in ones, so the harmony is not broken.

If you want a decoration that is more functional, you will pick the free-standing ones. Here, the design is really important. Each household appliance will impact the decoration, so they need to follow the same lines as the rest.

Can they be combined?

It is common to see kitchens with the stove, oven, dishwasher and built-in electric water heater or heater, hidden among the kitchen furniture. However, in general, in those same kitchens the microwave or the refrigerator are visible. So, to conclude, we have to say yes. It is possible to combine built-in and free-standing household appliancesin the kitchen. At Dommo, we help you design your kitchen, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.