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Kitchen Attached to The Living Room or Separate? Advantages and Disadvantages

Kitchen Attached to The Living Room or Separate? If you are renovating your house, you might be considering this question. What is sure is that it depends of many aspects and of your lifestyle. At Dommo, we want to help you to make the best decision showing you the advantages and disadvantages.

What Is Better, A Kitchen Attached to The Living Room or Independent?

The best way to know if it is better to have a kitchen attached to a living room or independent is to discover their advantages and disadvantages. We will begin by reviewing the good sides brought by an American kitchen:

  • You will have an open and diaphanous space, giving the impression of being larger.
  • It is easier to get natural light when you have a kitchen opened to the living room.
  • Style. This type of design is more modern and current.
  • Social life. When you have guests, you will not have the feeling of missing out on what is going on in the living room.
  • A more familiar atmosphere is achieved, in which everyone can participate in preparing the food.
  • Mealtime is faster and more dynamic.

Now it is time to review some of the disadvantages of this type of kitchen:

  • It is sure that you have to constantly clean the kitchen so the area does not look like a mess. You will not be able to leave the dishes in the sink for a while or anything on the counter, which will impact the aspect of all the space.
  • The kitchen is a source of odors, most of the time enjoyable, but it bothers some people that the living room smells like food. Even if you use powerful hoods, there will still be some odors reaching the living room.
  • The kitchen is a source of noise, both from the cooking and from the various household appliances. That is something you need to consider, because it could disturb the activities taking place in the living room.

Is a kitchen combined with the living room better? Now you have the elements to make your own decision.