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How to Integrate a Washing Area in the Kitchen

At Dommo, we make kitchens so you can enjoy them, adapted to the daily needs of our clients, always focused on quality. Placing a washing area in the kitchen is useful and essential, because it is an element that is often used.

Depending on the space we have, there are many possibilities at the time to integrate a washing area in our kitchen. The most common and, in general, the most practical, is to place the sink area as close as possible to the cooking area, making it easier to wash, drain and handle food of all kinds.

Most frequently, we find a wall in the kitchen dedicated to such use, meaning, with the sink, the cooking area integrated in the furniture, both at the bottom and at the top. Normally, the plater is placed on top of the sink, in order to have convenient and practical access and allow the water to drain, although with the wide expansion of dishwashers in current homes, this process of washing dishes by hand is less and less common.

There is also the possibility, if the space allows it, to design a kitchen with an island and locate the washing and cooking areas on the island. This is clearly an extremely aesthetic option that impresses as soon as you see it, but it is also comfortable and practical, since it offers a great freedom of movement and working area.

For us, the satisfaction of our clients is our reason for being. That is why we strive day after day and keep innovating to incorporate the best materials and techniques of the moment in our kitchen design and manufacturing processes. See you soon!


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