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Ideas To Bet on An Avant-Garde Kitchen Design

The design of avant-garde kitchens is here to stay. This trend, more and more popular these past few years, has the eleganceand functionalityas main objectives, without neglecting a modern, attractiveand innovating design for one of the rooms of the house most cared for by the owners.

At Dommo, we are experts in the design of modern and avant-garde kitchens. We have a team with a taste for exquisite design that knows how to combine all materials and finishes with great success and elegance to offer designs with a marked practicality, as well as being elegant and modern.


Tips For Your Dream Avant-Garde Kitchen

If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen but you do not know where to start, do not worry. At Dommo, we want to offer you some tipsthat will help you make that avant-garde kitchen you have dreamed of.

  • Bet on neutral tones: defining which color is going to be dominant in your kitchen is essential to achieve an excellent finish. Betting on white, grayor blacktones is a safe option, with which you will never go wrong.
  • Lighting, a wide range of possibilities. Choosing footlights, which provide indirect light sources, or hidden spotlights and integrated lighting in wall units will always be an interesting option, one that will allow you to avoid downlightsin which the lightbulb is clearly visible.
  • Remember: less is more. The avant-garde style is characterized by that feeling of spaciousness that is achieved thanks to the use of lines and finishes that maintain the harmony of the design. The furniture usually lacks knobs, handles and other similar objects that would only break the symmetry and harmony of your project.

If you have the chance to have an open space, you must consider the idea of having an islandin the center of your kitchen, which will give your kitchen amodern look. We are aware that this is not always a viable option, but there is a middle ground solution: installing aapeninsulawhich, roughly speaking, is an island that is attached to one of the kitchen walls.



These are a few tips and suggestions you should not ignore if you want to renovate your current kitchen in search of a totally new, groundbreaking and personal room. At Dommo, we want to accompany you from the design and layout of your kitchen. This is why we share with you this article some tips for an optimal layout of your kitchen.