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Tips For an Optimal Layout of Your Kitchen

Are you thinking about changing the layout of your kitchen? If you want a comfortable kitchen, you need to adapt it to the space you have and also consider its layout. Do you prefer an open kitchen or a U-shaped one? At Dommo, we will help you to choose the best layout for your kitchen and to enjoy the kitchen of your dreams. Are you curious to know the secrets of a good layout of the space?

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Lighting is essential for any kitchen, to try to take advantage of natural lighting. If there is no window in the kitchen, place recessed spotlights in the upper cabinets to illuminate the room. The natural light should always highlight the layout of your kitchen, not the opposite.

Do Not Overcharge the Space

One of the big mistakes when deciding the layout of a kitchen is overloading the available space with too many high and low cabinets. Try to leave empty spaces to place, for example, a breakfast table and some chairs, or leave one of the sides without cabinets.

Choose Cabinets With Light Colors and Simple Lines

Light colors give amplitude to all kitchens. Choosing tones likes white or beige is a good option if the kitchen is small or if you want to convey tranquility. Also, try to find furniture with simple lines that do not overcharge the space and pantries with sliding doors or hidden drawers.

Always Prioritize the Order

Finally, we remind you that you should always keep the order in mind when you think about your kitchen layout. Choose distributors and dividing panels in drawers and cabinets so you can place everything you need. At Dommo, we can help you with ingenious ideas so that your kitchen is always organized, such as large drawers, door hangers, shelves or cabinets of all sizes. The important thing is that it is as comfortable and practical as possible and that it becomes the kitchen of your dreams.