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6 Trends of Rustic Kitchens You Will Love

Rustic kitchens are very trendy. Natural materials, warmth, harmonious colors and the elegance of rock, they seem to invite us to stay. In order for them to invite you to prepare your dishes and enjoy a chat while you eat, we suggest you six orientations of that style applied to kitchens.

6 Fantastic Styles for a Rustic Kitchen

According to your tastes, the characteristics of your kitchen and the style of the rest of your home, we suggest you these ideas.


We have modern robots, intelligent home automation… you can easily integrate them in the kitchen if you choose uniform colors. Even the most recent technology will go unnoticed if it has the same color.

Rustic Built-In Kitchens

By ordering a built-in kitchen, you can customize it without costing you a lot of money. Make sure that woodis the main actor and choose furniture that is reminiscent of countryside houses. Incorporate stone and marbleas well.

Nordic Style White Rustic Kitchens

Combine the beige of the tables and shelves with white wall tiles. It goes well with the chrome of the hood or the refrigerator, for example.

Natural Wood Rustic Kitchens

This touch of irregularity of the untreated wood will give you a feeling of inimitable comfort. Choose wood for tables, lamps, stools, but also in glasses and bowls. Combine them to your according to your preferences.

Minimalist Rustic Kitchen

Similar to a Nordic-style rustic kitchen, but with a warmth more appropriate at our latitudes. Choose for bright finishes, divide the interior of your cabinets well and add some colorful note.

Countryside Rustic Kitchens

Take advantage of the greater space of those kitchens to place a wooden island and play with the beams and the wooden accessories.

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